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VPI - Classic 3 (Piano Black)

Price: $5,999.00 

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Brand: VPI
Category: Analog Gear, Turntables, Audio Equipment, Featured Equipment, Best of the Best Audiophile Gifts, Top-Rated Turntables.
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VPI Classic 3 Turntable

VPI Classic 3 Turntable Provides Incredibly Low Noise Floor, Extreme Low-End Control, Reference-Grade Speed Stability and Definition

A significant step forward in performance and aesthetics, the VPI Classic 3 turntable takes to grand sonic heights of the state-of-the-art analog design elements that guides VPI's world-famous Classic series. Classic 3 features a half-inch thick aluminum plinth that is so massive and well-damped, it virtually eliminates resonance. VPI updated the tonearm (now called the JMW-Classic Tonearm) with a new stainless-steel armtube complete with Discovery wiring. Classic 3 also includes VPI's stainless steel Record Center Weight, the same one fitted as standard equipment on the HRX. Gorgeous and glorious, Classic 3 is an absolute triumph! (Pictured here with the extremely popular (and optional) Periphery Outer Ring Clamp (not included).) 

"The Classic 3 is the fastest, most coherent-sounding VPI turntable I've ever heard. Most significant, the Classic 3 played on the same field as the Continuum Caliburn ($149,995) and it costs $6,000…one of today’s great values in analog audio."
– Michael Fremer, Stereophile

“The VPI Classic 3 is an exceptional effort by a company that knows the analog landscape like few others. With each spin it invites you to become reacquainted with every record in your collection. A class-leading product by any yardstick, and, simply put, a class act!”
– Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound

The sound of Classic 3 is big, powerful, airy and shockingly quick. With a gorgeous tonal balance and deep powerful bass, Classic 3 stands head and shoulders above most turntable designs, no matter the price. Thanks to VPI's efforts to eliminate vibration and resonance, Classic 3 throws a cavernous soundstage with pinpoint image specificity and delivers a shocking level of resolution. This turntable should be on every serious analog lover's short list. All VPI 'tables come with our famous 100% money-back guarantee.

“The VPI Classic 3 has gotten some of the best and most deserved buzz for neutral, highly musical sound quality of any turntable and cartridge combination... One more indication that the best analog front-ends can still compete with even the highest quality digital sources.”
– Anthony Cordesman, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear Award

“This new version of VPI’s best-selling Classic 1 is twice as expensive and it’s worth it. Why? Because it is better…the new version sounds more stable, as if the speed control has been enhanced. The net effect of these changes is there is less detectable turntable between you and the music. The LPs seem to float on a cushion of air. It is a work of art, Harry Weisfeld’s best. Amen! Five Stars!”
– Harry Pearson, Founder of The Absolute Sound, five-star review

Classic Evolutions
There are three versions of the Classic turntable: Classic 1, Classic 2 and Classic 3. Classic 1 is the standard model, offering outstanding overall performance and featuring the Classic Aluminum Platter, the JMW-10.5i, and mini-H-RX feet. Classic 2 adds VPI's VTA Base, allowing fine on-the-fly adjustments of VTA. Classic 3 is the ultimate evolution of the Classic. It is a much heavier design, with a resonance-eliminating 1/2" thick aluminum plinth and a gorgeous piano black base. The JMW-10.5i is upgraded with a new Stainless Steel armtube and Discovery wiring from the cartridge pins all the way to the output jacks.

“The Classic, in my opinion, exceeds the performance of [VPI’s] ScoutMaster series and breaks new sonic ground… at a breathtakingly low price. I think this is Weisfeld’s best sounding design. If ever there were a best buy in ‘tables, this is it!”
Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear Award Issue

Audio Beat (PDF, 227 KB)

Lyric HiFi (PDF, 50 KB)

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