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iFi - Nano iCan Headphone Amp

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Brand: iFi
Category: Audio Equipment, Headphone Amps, Audiophile Gifts Under $250, Best-Selling Headphones & Amps.
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Full Description
60-Day Guarantee

iFi Nano iCAN Battery-Powered Headphone Amp

Tailor-Made for Portable Use: Get Incredible Audiophile-Quality Sound Anywhere You Go

Many of the Same Cutting-Edge Features as the Micro iCAN, But Half the Size

Specifically designed for on-the-go use, the iFi Nano iCAN battery-powered headphone amplifier offers uncompromised portable musical experiences at levels expected by the most discerning audiophile. Graced with many of the same features and advances adorning its larger sibling, the iCAN, the Nano model is half the size and equipped with a built-in lithium-polymer battery that provides 70 hours of continuous power. With this pint-sized device, music lovers can enjoy superlative sonics anywhere they and their headphones go.

"If you drive headphones directly from a iPod, smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC and then insert the iCAN Nano in the signal path things immediately get better—a lot better. It’s as if the music has been suffering from anemia and then suddenly receives much needed transfusions of energy, dynamic muscularity, and natural, organic-sounding warmth."
– Hi-Fi+

Move the Music Beyond Your Ears
Nano iCAN makes studio-quality audio available even when you're traveling or commuting - be it in a car, train, plane, or on public transit. Trumping the "inside your head" listening experience offered by most headphone amps, iCAN utilizes patented 3D HolographicSound to move the performance beyond your ears and into the space in which you're listening. Vibrant, dynamic, and resolving, your favorite recordings will capture your imagination and engage your senses in ways you didn't think possible apart from loudspeakers. Plus, Nano iCAN's three-dimensional sound field doesn't use any sonic-depreciating DSP.

Power for Days Upon Days
Don't worry about running out of power with the Nano iCAN. Its specially commissioned internal lithium-polymer battery offers 70 hours of nonstop musical satisfaction. No matter where your adventures take you, you'll hear wide-open dynamics, thunderous bass, silky smoothness, and unfettered spaciousness when you tap into the Nano iCAN. Versatility, simplicity, accessibility, and portability in one exceptional package.

Nano iCAN Put Through the Paces
Before bringing Nano iCAN to market, iFi designers meticulously auditioned, tested, and measured hundreds of different headphones. Why go through all the trouble? To get an end result that not only blows away headphone amps that cost more, but to tailor-make an XBass sound enhancement system that is adjustable to suit every pair of headphones it encounters. Now, no bass note is out of reach, no matter how low the octave may dwell.

DirectDrive Technology Drives Any Headphone
A whopping 10 times more powerful than an iPod and more than three times more powerful than a MacBook Air, Nano iCAN boasts a 150mW headphone amp equipped with DirectDrive. The latter is both directly coupled for the shortest signal path and able to deliver higher power with lower distortion in comparison to most USB-powered devices. As a result, Nano iCAN drives everything from in-ear monitors to high-end open-back ‘phones with competence and ease.

Audiophile-Quality Sound Everywhere You Go
By bringing you closer to your music in both near and far-away places, the on-the-go specialist that is Nano iCAN simply makes life better. Can something this small and inexpensive really be as good as advertised? You bet. You have our Money-Back Guarantee on it.

Power Source: Internal battery or external 9V PSU
Battery Life: ~ 70 Hours*
Input: RCA Stereo & 3.5mm mini-jack
Output: 6.3mm Headphone
Accessories: 3.5mm adapter (included)
Processing: X-Bass & 3D Sound
Selectable Gain: Standard, +6dB or +18dB
Input Impedance: 100k Ohm
Output Impedance: <1 Ohm
SNR: 112dB (A-weighted)
THD+N: < 0.02% (100mW)
Output Power: 150mW (on external power)**
Dimensions (LWH): 3.5" x 2.7" x 1.1"
Weight: 0.35 lbs. (1 lb. in box)

* depends on volume setting
** requires Camera Connection Kit or OTG adapter. Cable not included.

User Manual (PDF, 6.6 MB)

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