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Purist Audio - System Enhancer Ultimate CD

Price: $150.00
 Now: $99.00 
Category: Accessories, System Setup Tools, Test Discs, Demag & Burn-in.
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Full Description
60-Day Guarantee

Purist Audio Design Announces the New and Improved System Enhancer Ultimate!

Through painstaking research, dramatic algorithm improvement, and advancements in CD-R technologies, Purist Audio was able to accomplish an astounding further reduction in break-in and system conditioning time from 24 hours to 5 hours!

The System Enhancer Ultimate dramatically improves the sonic qualities of home and professional audio systems by utilizing this new extended duration CD-R, expanded and intensified algorithms, and a new de-magnetizing section.

The System Enhancer Ultimate completely conditions all components (speakers, cables, and electronics) in the sound system by removing molecular stresses and residual magnetism while “opening” the system to perform to its full potential. The tones and signals generated by the System Enhancer Ultimate are presented in the optimal frequencies and amplitudes to perform the enhancement process completely in the shortest possible time.

The System Enhancer Ultimate is simple to use and is played like any other CD. We invite you to try it. You will hear striking improvements in the sonic characteristics of your system presenting an enhanced “air” and transparency. A more accurate, stronger, and sophisticated reproduction of overtones, harmonics, and dynamics will appear. Simply put, the System Enhancer Ultimate will help provide an extraordinary enrichment of your musical experience!

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