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Track Audio - Isolation Feet (Set of 4)

Price: $675.00 
Category: Audio Equipment, Speakers, Accessories, Vibration Control.
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Track Audio Isolation Feet

Track Audio Isolation Feet are the most massive adjustable after-market spikes we've ever seen. Weighing in at just under a pound each, these are not just big, they're cleverly engineered as well. Isolation Feet are a stunning upgrade for any component.

"The Track Audio spikes brought a sense of shape, power and energy to the music, a propulsive quality that kept things moving forward, full of purpose and intent...Just think of all the pleasure your speakers have given you. Isn't it time you pampered them (and yourself) just a little?"
– Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat

Gorgeously machined and a huge sonic upgrade, Track Audio has created an entirely new product category for us: speaker spikes. An off-shoot of a British machining company with clients in the military, aerospace, medical and automotive industries, Track Audio creates astonishingly high-quality products from high grade steel. Designed to last a lifetime and sound great doing it.

The Isolation Feet use modular screw-in inserts on the top to allow them to be used with a broad variety of components. Machined from the same high quality stainless steel as the spikes, the inserts are available in a variety of different threads. 1/4"-20, M8, M6, 3/8-16, 1/4"-28 or M10 inserts are available with the set, selectable from the menu above.

Height: 3"
Width: 1.717"
Weight Handling: 79 lbs. each, 315 lbs. per set of four
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