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Rega - RB303 Tonearm

Price: $595.00 

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Brand: REGA
Category: Analog Gear, Tonearms, Analog Accessories.
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Rega RB-303 Tonearm

A Legendary Tonearm is Reborn

The RB-303 tonearm is a huge technological leap forward for Rega. Although it retains the simple classic look of its forebears, there’s 30 years of knowledge and 21st century innovation built into this arm. Computer Aided Design and 3-D modeling gave Rega unprecedented power to put the RB-303 through its paces, even before they’d built a prototype. By testing in a virtual environment, Rega was able to see, in real-time, the effects of different approaches and modifications, something that would be prohibitively expensive and time consuming to do in the physical world.

The result of this information is that Rega has designed one of the best arms they’ve ever made. The armtube is vastly more rigid and tapered for superior strength and rigidity. The bearing housing has been modified to be more compact and uses even higher precision bearings, allowing the arm to track virtually friction-free. The headshell design was modified just slightly to provide a more sturdy mount for the cartridge. Low capacitance tonearm wire and leads provide a big jump in conductivity. Combined, these upgrades give the RB303 startling clarity, excellent transparency and a new level of composure that will make more expensive tonearms quake in their boots.

The Rega RB-300 tonearm was an icon of the audiophile world, inexpensive yet precision made to incredibly high tolerances. Easy to install and quick to setup, requiring virtually no maintenance, the single-bolt mounted RB-300 dominated the audiophile landscape for three decades. The RB-301 evolved from the RB-300 concept, featuring a 3-point mounting system for greater stability and eliminating tons of noise and resonance from entering the tonearm. The RB-303 uses the same 3-point mounting system and retains all the features of the previous generation tonearms; basically, it does everything the old arms do, it just does it all much better and without a huge jump in price!

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