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Focal - XS Book Speakers

Price: $400.00 

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Brand: FOCAL
Category: Audio Equipment, Speakers, Mini Speakers, Computer Audio, Computer Audio & Digital Gear.
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Focal XS Book: The Ultimate Computer 2.0 System

Now Available with Bluetooth APT-X Wireless Technology

There are no more excuses for not having beautiful sound when you are sitting in front of your computer. Focal XS Book is the ultimate modern powered speaker system. A true mini-monitor designed with Focal engineering at its core. These speakers reveal the richness and dynamics of your high-resolution music sources. Twenty watts per channel, Focal aluminum tweeters, and Polyglas woofers deliver a very well-rounded sound, with a much larger bass output than you might expect from speakers this size. One pair of RCA inputs and one 1/8”-mini-plug input make connection a breeze. The XS Book is perfect for the office, the bedroom, or anywhere you connect.

The XS Book system is now even more flexible with optional wireless Bluetooth APT-X technology, selectable from the menu above. Available in a striking high gloss black finish, the XS Book Wireless features a sophisticated CAD modeled port that ensures unrestricted laminar port, avoiding airflow noise while maximizing bass response. An integral high-performance 2x20 Watt amplifier is included, giving crisp and detailed high frequencies and solid weighty low end. The cabinet is structurally reinforced to minimize resonance, ensuring fine dynamics and low coloration. An-easy-to-use multi-function knob allows control of volume as well as power/standby.

"[T]he gratifying overall result is that the XS Book is consistently enjoyable and listenable. Music detail is well presented, but without sounding exaggerated. The soundstage is nicely presented between the speakers...The Focal XS Book delivers clear midrange and smooth treble with freedom from stridency—a quality that is all too rare in desktop speakers systems."
– Tom Martin, Playback

"The sheer sense of scale and weight produced by the Focals is a real advantage over other desktop speakers at this price...A potent-sounding speaker, which brings hi-fi listening to your desktop."
What HiFi?

"...the XS Book's sound is big enough that you might be tempted to use the system in league with a movie playing on your large-screen iMac, and then shove away from the computer to watch from a comfortable distance...When the XS Book speaker system is used in the environment for which it was designed—on your desk, on either side of your computer display—they’re more than a little enticing."
– Christopher Breen, Macworld

"[The Focal XS Book] offers very good sonic performance for the asking price, superior to less expensive 2.0-channel desktop speaker systems, and looks enough like Apple’s iMacs and monitors to go nicely together on a desk. But the extra oomph it offers, even in the bass department, will be particularly useful for Mac users who expect to enjoy their music or other audio from several feet away from a desk..."

  • 2.0 multimedia system, Focal speaker technologies
  • Simple installation and use, no setting
  • RCA 1.5m interconnection cable and 1.5m extension cord supplied
  • Optional booster stand
  • Compatible with an optional wall mounting support Omnimount AB2
  • 1.5m RCA/RCA stereo cable
  • 1.5 m Jack/Jack stereo cable
Type: 2-way bass-reflex active loudspeaker
Drivers: Polyglass 4" midbass 19mm Aluminum tweeter
Frequency response (+or-3dB): 50Hz – 22kHz
Low frequency point: 44Hz
Crossover frequency: 3,000Hz
Dimensions (HWD): 11" x 4.5" x 7.875"
Net weight: 11lbs.
Warranty: 2 years
User Manual (PDF, 2.4 MB)

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