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Dynavector - 17D3 Karat MC Phono Cartridge

Price: $1,350.00 
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Category: Analog Gear, Phono Cartridges, Moving Coil, Low Output (0.5mV and Below).
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Dynavector 17D3 Karat MC Phono Cartridge

Winner of The Absolute Sound 2007 Golden Ear Award

Music Direct is excited to announce the Dynavector 17D3. A silky smooth sounding cartridge with fabulous dynamic range, amazingly extended highs and tonal accuracy that will give you chills. The 17D3 may be the best value in its price range.

“The 17D3 is the latest version of a great pickup that has stood the test of time. In any contest it’s so phono-finish-close to the very best regardless of price, that its retail price makes it also the best of the 'best-buys!'"
– Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound

Dynavector cartridges are known for their resolution and tonality and the 17D3 is no exception. But this cartridge is not exclusively about resolution; the 17D3 tonally neutral with a warm and musical midrange, as well! Unflappable, the 17D3 maintains it's composure on even the most complex and demanding of recordings. The secret is in the design; the 17D3's body damps resonance, the ultra-short cantilever reduces resonance, even the internal magnetic structure of the 17D3 has been engineered with the goal of eliminating resonance.

If you want to make a great cartridge, simply reducing resonance won't get you there. To make a great cartridge, you must use premium materials as well, such as a solid diamond cantilever. Yes, you read that right, the 17D3 has a diamond cantilever. A diamond cantilever doesn't have high-frequency resonance problems that plague  metal cantilevers, lending itself to smoother treble reproduction, with silky-sweet high frequencies without any sharpness or metallic ringing. Diamond's tensile strength also means that the cantilever can be made very short, lending an amazing sense of immediacy to virtually any type of music. Although the 17D3's chassis is virtually non-resonant, the 17D3 is a very light-weight cartridge, coming in at just under 5.5 grams, the 17D3 will work with virtually any phono pre-amp with at least 60dB of gain. Our highest recommendation.

Low output moving coil cartridge with flux damper and softened magnetism
Output Voltage: 0.3mV (at 1KHz, 5cm/sec.)
Channel Separation: 25 dB (at 1KHz)
Channel balance: 1.0 dB (at 1KHz)
Frequency response: 20 - 20,000Hz (± 1dB), 20 - 100,000Hz
Compliance: 15 x 10-6 cm/dyn
Tracking force: 1.8 - 2.0grams
DC resistance: R=38 ohms
Recommended load resistance: > 100 ohms
Cantilever: 1.7mm length, 0.25dia solid diamond
Stylus Type: Micro-Ridge
Weight: 5.3 grams
User Manual (PDF, 94 KB)

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