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Stillpoints - ERS Cloth (8"x11" Sheet)

Price: $24.95 
Brand: Stillpoints
Category: Accessories, RFI/EMI Noise Suppression, Best-Selling Accessories.
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Stillpoints ERS Cloth

Rid Your System of RFI & EMI Interference

Two of the worst villains in the land of HiFi are RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference). Stillpoints ERS Cloth is one of those “budget tweaks” that will make you shake your head in disbelief. The core of the ERS Cloth is a blend of carbon fibers coated with proprietary metals that make it virtually impenetrable to RFI. Although it's no thicker than construction paper, the ERS Cloth will lower the noise floor on any piece of digital gear, amp or preamp, loudspeakers and especially power conditioners and power cables. Uses for the ERS Cloth are limitless! If every audiophile out there experimented with just a single sheet of this magic cloth, we would have a lot more very happy customers! The ERS cloth come in 8" x 11" sheets, but may be cut to any size or shape using ordinary scissors.

"The Stillpoints ERS cloth is a significant product. Its potential in audio design from loudspeakers to electronics is limited only by the imagination of the designer...Since the most common complaint about the sound of existing systems is harshness and artificial brightness, lowering EMI/RFI's contribution to that complaint is a genuine boon...Highly recommended."
– Paul Szabady, Stereo Times

"At this price, I can only recommend ERS very highly. It does make a difference, and the improvements are disproportional to the price...the effect is wonderful and well worth the investment."
– Maarten van Casteren, TNT Audio

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