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Category: Music, Vinyl LP, 180g Vinyl.
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Toto Toto IV on Limited Edition 180g LP

Mastered from the Original Columbia Records Tapes by Joe Reagoso

While already having a successful series of gold and platinum albums to their credit, Toto IV catapulted Toto into major superstar status as they accumulated a ton of Grammy Awards in 1983 including Record Of The Year ("Rosanna"), Album Of The Year and Producer Of The Year.

Upon its release in 1982, Toto IV flew to the top of the charts with the power rocker "Rosanna." Filled with its catchy hooks, brilliant vocal and guitar work from maestro Steve Lukather, and the familiar Bobby Kimball high energy duo lead vocals, this amazing single has become a classic rock staple. Adding James Pankow’s (Chicago) horn charts, and the funky piano work from David Paich, the song truly resonated with its huge audience, and broke wide open the importance of both the band and their great new album.

Produced by Toto (David Paich, Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Porcaro, Bobby Kimball, David Hungate) Toto IV was a watershed venture for the band as its ten champion tunes have all truly stood the test of time. Aside from the massive top charting "Rosanna" more classics abound like the beautiful power ballad "I Won’t Hold You Back," the rocking fare of "Good For You" and the huge number one smash "Africa." Filled with imagery and a feel good tropical rhythm, "Africa" helped bring in the gold and platinum even further as Toto IV was a historic achievement for this amazing L.A. quintet.

Friday Music is no stranger to the important musical catalogs of Toto, therefore, it is with much honor to announce the Friday Music Toto 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series with their first installment of the history making Toto IV. Impeccably mastered from the original Columbia Records tapes by Joe Reagoso (Toto/Boz Scaggs/Hall & Oates/Doobie Brothers) this brilliant masterpiece is now finally available in the audiophile vinyl domain. For this special limited edition release, Friday Music is also including for the first time, the original album cover artwork in a gatefold format.

Toto Toto IV Track Listing:

1.  Rosanna
2.  Make Believe
3.  I Won’t Hold You Back
4.  Good For You
5.  It’s A Feeling
6.  Afraid Of Love
7.  Lovers In The Night
8.  We Made It
9.  Waiting For Your Love
10. Africa
1. Rosanna
2. Make Believe
3. I Won’t Hold You Back
4. Good For You
5. It’s A Feeling
6. Afraid Of Love
7. Lovers In The Night
8. We Made It
9. Waiting For Your Love
10. Africa
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