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Optrix - CD Cleaner & Clarifier

Price: $20.00
 Now: $16.99 
This product can only be shipped to US addresses.

This product can only be shipped to US addresses.
Brand: Optrix
Category: Accessories, Disc Cleaners & Treatments, Top-Rated Audio Accessories, Best-Selling Accessories.
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60-Day Guarantee

Optrix CD Cleaner & Clarifier

Optrix works and you just can't bet the price! It will only cost you the price of one CD to spray treat 100 of your favorite discs. The spray was developed by a professional chemist who's been researching surface coatings for lenses and CDs for the past 15 years. There's no voodoo involved: Optrix chemically eliminates static electricity build-up and coats the CD playing surface to reduce stray reflections. It also removes molding residues on new CDs which prevent the laser from reading properly and contaminate the digital data recorded on the discs. Optrix is safe to use on any 5" optical disc: CD, CD-R, DVD, DVD-A, SACD or Blu-ray. Highly recommended.

“Optrix made the same improvements on all the discs we sprayed it on…[it] cleaned up, and to a startling degree, muddy bottom-ends…you’ll get better defined bass, particularly in the bottom two octaves. You may not have noticed the mirage-like blurring endemic to CD’s before, but you will soon after, which is why these fluids are so sonically addictive. One thing I can tell you for certain: there’s no going back to an untreated disc once you hear what [Optrix] can do!”
– Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound

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