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PS Audio - Dectet Power Center

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PS Audio Dectet Power Center

The Dectet is PS Audio's Highest Performance Power Strip 

Dectet signals PS Audio's return to their core competency: high quality products offering astonishing performance at an affordable prices. Following up on the huge success of their Golden Ear Award-winning passive strip-style power products, the new, next-generation PS Audio Dectet Power Conditioner offers tremendous improvements to make every PS Audio fan smile: Upgraded filtration, upgraded internal wiring, three isolated zones, a gorgeous chassis, and a first at this price, the Dectet uses five of PS Audio’s proprietary Power Port duplexes.

Built like a Brick
PS Audio takes their chassis design seriously, creating beautifully sculpted designs which complement any décor and providing a solid structure to insure against resolution-robbing vibration and resonance. The Dectet receives a solid chassis with light curves and painted black for a simple timeless elegance.

More than a Pretty Face
The new Dectet unleashes an incredible robustness of sound that is truly exciting, much of which is due to the changes under the hood. The first and most important improvement is the outlets themselves. This is a huge sonic upgrade, offering far superior conductivity and clamping power. Other improvements are less visible, such as large gauge internal wire for improved current delivery, complete star-grounded wiring for enhanced grounding and noise control, and larger filtration devices for blacker backgrounds. Featuring both common mode and differential filtering modes, the Dectet delivers ultra-black backgrounds regardless of where the noise is coming from.

In previous generations, PS Audio used a buss-bar system for transferring power to the outlets. Although buss-bars have offer excellent current delivery, the isolation between connected components suffers. After many listening tests and tons of measurements, PS Audio selected star-grounding for the Dectet because of its excellent isolation. Each of the three zones in the Dectet has its own wiring path, thus increasing isolation and improving sound quality. The PS Audio Dectet is an unbeatable value under $500.

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