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Signet RCA Cleaning Tools - Don't Let Dirty RCA Connections Destroy Your Sound

The Most Effective Tools for Cleaning Male Cable Ends and Female RCA Connections! 

Clean your RCAs with the Signet RCA Cleaning Tool! Simply the most effective way to clean your RCA cables and sockets, the Signet RCA Cleaning Tool contains a proprietary blend of injection molded ingredients. The Signet RCA Cleaning Tool is mildly abrasive, just enough to remove both grime and oxidation from any RCA without damaging the connector. Use your favorite contact cleaner or just by themselves, the Signet RCA Cleaning Tool is a must have accessory.

One end of the Signet RCA Cleaning Tool looks like a male RCA, simply insert this end into any RCA jack and remove. Do not twist, just insert and remove. Repeat as necessary until the jack is clean.

The other end of the Signet RCA Cleaning Tool looks like a female RCA, insert the male plug of an RCA cable into this side and remove without twisting. The gentle abrasion will clean off both oxidization and carbonization from the positive pole and clears the ground path as well.

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