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JBL Speakers 


JBL Speakers

JBL plays an indirect or direct role in practically everything you hear today. From pioneering motion-picture sound to its long history in the world's finest recording studios and concert venues to creating dozens of high-end loudspeaker technologies – including "firsts" for woofers, transducers, drivers, and coils – JBL has changed how everyone listens.

Music Direct proudly carries models ranging from the immensely successful L100 Classic – an irresistibly modern version of the L100, the speaker in Maxell's famous "Blown Away Man" ads – to the pro-level HDI Series to several very special speakers previously only available in Japan. Renowned for their "live" presentation, massive dynamics, high-frequency extension, and ultra-high efficiency, they will continue to transform how you hear.

Find out for yourself by taking a pair of JBLs home for a risk-free audition. You can learn more about each model on the individual product pages or simply call one of our audio consultants at 800-449-8333.

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