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A high-end name recognized for decades on both sides of the ocean for crafting high-value, high-performance gear, Rotel has been developing audio components since the early 1960s. Putting special emphasis on circuit design, toroidal transformers, coil winding, and extensive testing, the company invests in engineering elements that dramatically impact the sound you experience – and leaves unnecessary bells and whistles (and the extraneous added expense) to the competition.

Rotel's merit is further reflected by the longevity of its product cycles. Unlike many manufacturers that continuously change models just for the sake of bringing something "new" to market, Rotel offerings often stay the same for years. After all, when a job is done correctly, there's no reason to alter course. Rotel also components stand out via in-house-built power supplies, short signal paths, and meticulously selected parts. Each product is also backed by a two-year warranty.

Explore the entire line of Rotel amplifiers, preamplifiers, receivers, pre/pros, CD players, and more at Music Direct – and hear what countless listeners have known for decades.

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