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I had to comment, these columns are just too enjoyable. Well, that and the fact that I just listened to my original pressing of Animals last night (there might even have been some remnants of the spices you reference in the gatefold), and Paul Simon's There Goes Rhymin' Simon just now, and that was before I read this missive. Coincidence? Not sure, but Animals is an excellent album that has held up exceedingly well, including its allegorical classifications of the different aspects of humanity as well as its haunting, aggressively and intentionally dark imagery and the razor sharp (but never clinical) musicianship of the band. Simon's album, on the other hand is a welcome respite for these turbulent times providing sonic comfort food with warm, inviting bass, intricate fretwork (check out American Tune) and introspective, clever (but never too cute) lyrics. The only problem I have is that now I have to get Paul Simon, because now I have Simon fever and the only cure is more Simon. Thanks Josh, keep 'em comin'
3/25/2020 8:06 PM
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