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Integrated Amp



Integrated Amp

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Musical Fidelity V90-AMP Integrated Amplifier

Save $200 on Musical Fidelity V90-AMP Integrated Amplifier: 24-Bit Asynchronous USB Input and One Analog Input Makes Compact Device Ideal for Computer Audio and Desk-Top Audio

You've heard the expression "don't judge a book by its cover." Well, don't prejudge the sound that emanates from this compact integrated amplifier before taking a listen! The Musical Fidelity V90-AMP integrated amplifier provides big, true audiophile sound quality from a discreet package. Equipped with 24-bit asynchronous USB and one additional analog input, V90-AMP is tailor-made for computer audio and small bedroom and office systems. Outputting a rather powerful 20Wpc, V90-AMP touts taut bass, sweet highs, and a quick pace befitting a much bigger component. Prioritized input selection allows V90-AMP to be used as both a computer-based and multi-room device. And at this amazingly discounted price, you can easily afford to place a V90-AMP in your study, office, bedroom, kitchen – basically, anywhere you want to experience great-sounding music. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"The V90-AMP, with its modest 20 wpc when paired with reasonably efficient speakers, creates an emotional connection to the music. It also offers a significant helping of the Musical Fidelity sound that is found in the company's larger amplifiers: solid, well-controlled bass performance, and a natural tonality across the frequency spectrum without ever sounding harsh."

Automatic Switching Enables Simultaneous Computer-Based and Multi-Room Functionality 
V90-AMP is designed for multi room and computer based audio. It has inputs for 24-bit asynchronous USB and optical/analog. The 20Wpc V90-AMP also features advanced, prioritized automatic input selection. Priority is given to the asynchronous USB input and then, optical/analog. If USB is connected but there is no data stream, V90-AMP automatically switches to the optical/analog. This facility makes it perfect for computer-based and multi-room functionality. For example, when using an Apple Airplay/Airport system (or other similar system) it is possible to send music to any location with an Airport. Taking the optical output from that to V90-AMP gives you excellent multi-room. At the same time, you can connect your computer to the USB input of the same system. If there is no music coming from your computer, V90-AMP automatically selects the Apple Airport source. Immediately, the computer starts a music data stream, and V90-AMP automatically switches to it.

"The Musical Fidelity V90-AMP is an admirable little piece of gear and proof of the old adage: Good things come in small packages. It can be the perfect basis for a great computer- or iPod/smartphone-based system in an office, study, or bedroom."
-SoundStage! Access

Audio Performance
Power: 20W /channel into 8 Ohms (Suitable for speakers 6 ohms minimum)
THD: <0.1% typical 'A' weighted
Signal/noise ratio: >85dB 'A' weighted
Input impedance: 47KΩ
Frequency response: +0, -3dB 10Hz to 20 kHz

Line level input: 1x stereo 3.5mm "jack" connector
Optical input: 1x optical 3.5mm "jack" combined with line level input above
USB input: 1x Type "B" asynchronous, 16-24 bits, up to 48kHz sample rate
Speaker outputs: 2 pairs spring loaded speaker terminals
DC output (for future MF product only)
Power input: 3-way "Cloverleaf" mains power socket

Power requirement: 90-250V universal mains
Dimensions (DWH):4.66" x 6.66" x 1.66"
Weight: 3lbs
Included accessories:
    Optical adaptor (Toslink to 3.5mm jack)
    Analog adaptor (2xRCA to 3.5mm jack)
    "Cloverleaf" Mains lead
    Instruction Manual

User Manual (PDF, 163 KB)

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