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NORDOST - Qv2 AC Line Harmonizer

Power Conditioner

Nordost - Qv2 AC Line Harmonizer AQRTQV2

NORDOST - Qv2 AC Line Harmonizer

Power Conditioner

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Quantum Base QV2 AC Line Harmonizer: System Improvement Through Quantum Resonant Technology

The QRT Qv2 is the latest addition to the Quantum Resonant Technology range, a family of modular, non-intrusive products that deliver an innovative, measurable and sonically effective solution to the issues of AC quality and audio/video performance. In keeping with that approach, the Qv2's benefits are complementary, adding to and building on the proven musical advantages already delivered by the established, multi-award winning QB distribution units and QX field generators. Unlike the others, the Qv2 applies QRT technology directly to your AC line, simply plug the Qv2 into any spare outlet on your power conditioner (or the same power line that your system’s connected to) and your music or movies will take on a new sense of space and immediacy, clarity and presence. It really is that simple.

Equally effective on audio or AV systems, you can use Qv2 as a first step towards better performance or as an upgrade on an existing QB or QX installation. Either way you’ll hear an obvious improvement in the natural flow and harmonic warmth, the sense of life and expression from your music and movies. That's quite a claim for a unit that's so compact as well as so affordable. On that basis, what (you might well wonder) could be better than a Qv2? That's just as simple: Two Qv2s! Just like the Qx2 and Qx4, the sonic impact of the Qv2 is cumulative, meaning that two used in tandem sounds more than twice as good as a single unit on its own, while four… Well, perhaps we'd better leave that to your imagination, but you get the picture.

The QRT Qv2 – the upgrade that's literally plug and play!

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