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VPI - ADS Drive System
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VPI - ADS Drive System


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Hyper-Accurate VPI Analog Drive System (ADS) Like Getting a New Record Collection: Rock-Solid Speed Stability and Control Create Dramatically Natural Musical Presentations, Super-Low-Noise Device Allows You to Hear Deeper Into Any LP

The VPI Analog Drive System, or ADS, ensures your turntable runs with rock-solid speed stability. It's also a high-tech speed-selection device for 33 1/3 and 45RPM. Free of digitally based electronics, the extraordinary-sounding ADS represents an evolution of the function embodied by VPI's SDS (Synchronous Drive System) and an entirely original way at looking at the speed controller concept. Audibly superior to SDS, ADS represents VPI's biggest non-turntable breakthrough in the 21st century and brings bold, across-the-board enhancements to the performance of almost any turntable. If your ‘table uses an AC Synchronous motor that draws less than 10 watts, you owe it to yourself – and your analog setup and vinyl – to audition this new motor controller. Simply plug your rig into ADS and hear the improvements a truly powerful motor drive creates: Deeper bass, smoother midrange, sweeter highs, lower noise floor, deeper imaging, airier top end, and reach-out-and-touch-it solidity.

Compared to its predecessor, ADS presents a smoother, more coherent presentation on complex passages with unparalleled focus and stability. The biggest difference is the generation an extremely low-distortion analog sine wave – relative to the digitally synthesized circuits of SDS. The accuracy of ADS is measured at +/- 0.01 Hz. In other words, its accuracy remains without peer. ADS creates a sense of ease and purity on every record which is especially noticeable on dynamic passages. It also delivers outstandingly precise calibration of platter speed with rotary dials for very fine adjustments of both 33RPM and 45RPM settings. ADS truly "dials-in" the performance of almost any turntable.

We are already getting asked by SDS owners if it makes sense to upgrade to ADS. The answer: A resounding YES! But don't take our word for it. Audition ADS in your system and on your VPI ‘table (or most other ‘tables, for that matter). If you own a VPI ‘table or another make – even if you own an SDS – ADS will seriously change your life for the better. Then, tell us your impressions. You have Music Direct's Money-Back Guarantee that ADS will live a happy life powering your motor and taking complete control of the speed accuracy of your turntable.

"I was simply blown away when auditioning the ADS versus the SDS. It is noticeably quieter and so much smoother during playback. I personally prefer analog, and there is no digital in this new design. In rigorous testing, our analog oscillators maintain their set-point over weeks without drift, with measurement resolution of +/-0.01 Hz. In other words, dead-on-accurate. The sine wave produced by the ADS is perfect, the noise level is extremely low, the drive current is very powerful. It has brought my personal Avenger one step closer to my Ampex ATR-102 reel-to-reel machine."
- Harry Weisfeld, founder, VPI Industries

ADS' Technical Details in a Nutshell
In technical terms, ADS hits a grand slam. Whereas SDS has a switching power supply, ADS employs a high-current linear power supply to provide the precise voltage and high current required by the motor drive amplifier. In addition, simple and extremely reliable analog circuitry performs switching duties. A powerful Class A/B amplifier provides the drive for the motor. And separate 33 and 45RPM oscillator controls adjust the speed with a center detent position factory calibrated to exactly 60/81Hz (33/45 RPM). With a strobe disc, any necessary speed adjustments can be quickly and easily implemented.

Analog Frequency Reference Oscillators and Remarkably Low Distortion
ADS's prodigious abilities relate to its Analog Frequency Reference Oscillators. These cutting-edge, high quality parts are embedded in a meticulously designed circuit. The audible benefits of generating an extremely low-distortion analog sine wave relative to digitally synthesized circuits simply cannot be captured in words. The sonic differences are that great. Frequency stability and sustainability of set points are now a concern of the past. ADS touts accuracy that consistently measures within 0.01Hz over long-term operation.

Powerful Motor Drive Amplifier Responds to the Exact Demands of the Motor
The drag of a stylus through a blank groove presents a constant demand to the power supply, albeit a negligible one. However, once the music starts everything changes, the drag of the stylus creates a complex ever-changing dynamic demand on the power supply. The more challenging the material, the harder the power supply has to work to provide both voltage and current to the motor to keep the platter spinning at the correct speed. ADS's Motor Drive is a high-current, servo-controlled Class AB amplifier with unparalleled ability to track and respond to any demands placed on it by the motor. With virtually unlimited clean power at its disposal, the motor keeps the platter rotating at exactly the right speed. Focus, drive, clarity, and resolution exponentially increase. Try an ADS on your VPI turntable and you'll finally hear what your rig can really do.

The ADS Power Supply
While SDS utilized a digitized, switching power supply, the Analog Drive System employs a high-current linear power supply to deliver the exact voltages and currents required by the motor drive amplifier, with an additional regulated power supply for the oscillators and logic.

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Line Voltage: 115VAC @ 60Hz (Factory set)
Line Fuse: 1 amp (Slo-Blo)
Output voltage: 115VAC (Factory set)
Start Voltage: 120VAC
Run Voltage: 90VAC
Output Frequency: 60Hz (Factory Set)
Output Frequency Range:
   60 Hz Center Detent: 60Hz @33 RPM & 81Hz@ 45 RPM
Control Range +/- 3Hz
Output Power: 20W
Dimensions: 16" x 3" x 12"
Weight: 10 lbs.

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