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Equipment > Accessories > Funk Firm - Achromat Technics SL1200/DJ Mat (3mm, Black) **OPEN BOX**
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FUNK FIRM - Achromat Technics SL1200/DJ Mat (3mm, Black) **OPEN BOX**


Funk Firm - Achromat Technics SL1200/DJ Mat (3mm, Black) **OPEN BOX** DEMO_AFUNKACM3MMTECHB

FUNK FIRM - Achromat Technics SL1200/DJ Mat (3mm, Black) **OPEN BOX**


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Condition: Open Box
Availability: Out Of Stock
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The Famous and Critically Acclaimed Funk Firm Achromat Turntable Platter Mat: Among the Most-Effective Budget Tweaks for Any Turntable or System, Several Versions Available

Your turntable's stylus accelerates at up to 20,000g. Your records' groove walls are not so much caressed as pummeled like a jackhammer. Energy reflected from the bottom of an LP (a mere 2mm thick) is sensed by the stylus and heard as coloration. Funk Firm Achromat platter mat is the ideal material to absorb energy from the record. At only 3.5mm or 5mm thick (select from our drop-down menu), Achromat contains millions of tiny bubbles within complex pathways where the energy gets lost as heat and performs like a much-thicker mat. Simple A-B comparisons demonstrate improved, subtle nuances and more bass intelligibility. This is one of the finest, affordable, and insanely effective analog tweaks available.100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"The difference the Achromat made was immediately obvious and just plain crazy better. Stage dimensionality greatly improved, images were more tightly organized, and three-dimensionality, bass control, and clarity were remarkably better!"
– Michael Fremer, Analog Planet/Stereophile

"Even on a relatively humble setup, I noticed a significant improvement when swapping cork or felt for the Achromat. The bass is tighter, the mids and highs have greater separation, and overall, the result is more natural and spacious sounding. I could spend evening-after-evening rediscovering my record collection, each time enjoying the impressive level of new depth and detail."
– Marc Henshall, Sound Matters

"Voices seem more natural and large ensembles of instruments are very well-defined and differentiated. Bass is roughly similar in weight and extension, but has less overhang and tonality is given a lift in precision across the frequency range."
– Richard Black, Tech Radar

"Substituting the Achromat for the original rubber mat brings about immediate improvements. That probably understates the differences...Ambience retrieval, soundstage depth and width, the distinct pitch of individual bass notes, immediately grab this listener's attention as vastly improved. Vocals sound more like real human voices than processed vocals. It becomes easier to follow individual instrument lines, which seem better separated from rest of the mix."
– Mark Wheeler, TNT Audio

Achromat 3mm is recommended for tables with Rega or other arms with no VTA capability.

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