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Accessories > Grado - Replacement v2 Stylus (Gold)
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GRADO LABS Grado - Replacement v2 Stylus (Gold)


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It's Gold, Jerry, Gold! Get the Grado Prestige Gold v2 Replacement Stylus to Replace a Worn-Out Model or Upgrade an Existing Grado Prestige Stylus

Replace your worn out or broken Grado Prestige v2 Series stylus with this factory replacement, Gold v2, the highest-performing replacement stylus in the line. Interested in an upgrade, but don't want to remount your cartridge? All Prestige Series styli are compatible; any of these styli will work in any Prestige body.

All the Styli are paired. Green is the top performing 10% of Black Styli. Red is the top performing 10% of Blue Styli. Gold is the top performing 10% of Silver Styli. The performance difference translates into real sonic improvements; as you move up the Prestige line, the sound becomes smoother, more open and more detailed.

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