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Accessories > Grado - Replacement v2 Stylus (Green)
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GRADO LABS Grado - Replacement v2 Stylus (Green)


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A Simple, Cheap, and Easy Way to Replace Your Worn-Down or Broken Grado Prestige v2 Series Stylus: Green v2 Stylus Replacement Is an Analog Giant-Killer

Replace your worn out or broken Grado Prestige v2 Series stylus with this factory replacement, Green v2. Interested in an upgrade, but don't want to remount your cartridge? All Prestige series styli are compatible; any of these styli will work in any Prestige body.

All the Styli are paired. Green is the top performing 10% of Black Styli. Red is the top performing 10% of Blue Styli. Gold is the top performing 10% of Silver Styli. The performance difference translates into real sonic improvements; as you move up the Prestige line, the sound becomes smoother, more open and more detailed.

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