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PRO-JECT - Clamp It Record Clamp


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Reduce Unwanted Resonance and Distortion with the Pro-Ject Clamp It Record Clamp: Fine-Tunable Analog Device Ensures Even, Tight Contact of Your LPs to the Turntable Platter

Equipped with a clamp mechanism around the center spindle that adds no rumble-inducing weight, the Pro-Ject Clamp It record clamp offers immediate improvement to vinyl LP playback on any system. You can fine-tune the tightening force to accommodate records that may show signs of warp and improve their balance, pacing, details, and dynamics. Clamp It significantly reduces degrading resonances and distortion on all LPs, and ensures your records maintain tight, even contact with the surface of your turntable platter. Beautifully machined with diamond-cut edges and leather-coated, Clamp It is easy to use and an excellent accessory for analog newbies and veterans alike. Clamp It and hear better sound!

Why Clamp It Is Superior to Record Pucks
Standard record pucks have disadvantages. The weight can induce higher levels of rumble. In addition, instead of tightening the record's surface to the platter, heavyweight pucks can cause the LP to become shaped like a bowl and cause its outer edges to lose contact with the platter. Both circumstances negatively affect the sound.

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