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SweetVinyl - SugarCube SC-1

Analog Accessories

SweetVinyl - SugarCube SC-1 ASVLSC1S

SweetVinyl - SugarCube SC-1

Analog Accessories

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Turn Your Noisy Vinyl LPs into Near-Mint Pressings Without Any Sonic Degradation: SweetVinyl SugarCube SC-1 Non-Destructive Click-and-Pop Removal Device Will Blow Your Mind

All of us would love to own mint LP originals of our favorite albums, but the cost would likely be prohibitive. So, what would you think if we told you that any old, used vinyl pressing can be played back without noise? It's true. Now, any record can be played without clicks and pops with SweetVinyl's SugarCube SC-1 non-destructive noise-removal device.

The result of three years of software development and field tests, SugarCube SC-1 – along with its headphone-amplifier-equipped and digital-recording sibling, SugarCube SC-2 – arrives as the world's first non-destructive click-and-pop removal device. "Non-destructive." What does that imply? It means there is no sonic signature added or subtracted. SweetVinyl's sophisticated algorithm is able to detect, isolate, and remove only the unwanted noise, and leave the original musical signal completely unscathed.

We know what you're thinking. We were completely skeptical, too. How is it possible a simple-looking box can transform any LP into a near-perfect copy, and do so without negatively impacting the sound?

For starters, SugarCube SC-1 genuinely has no sonic signature. This ingenious device detects, isolates, and removes the unwanted noise, leaving the audio signal completely unscathed. Don't want a device in your signal path? No problem. SugarCube SC-1's audiophile-grade analog bypass leaves no fingerprints. You can also place SugarCube SC-1 in a tape in/out or processor loop and activate the cutting-edge technology only when needed. And SugarCube-SC-1 couldn't be any easier to operate. It has four modes, described in detail below.

Plus, it gets better. Connect SugarCube SC-1 to Ethernet, and your phone or tablet becomes the controller. Hear the original signal. Then switch to the repaired signal. Or, isolate what SugarCube SC-1 removes and hear just the noise – and experience how no musical information gets removed. It's amazing. You will never believe what SugarCube SC-1 can do until you try one in your home. Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee gives you complete security.

All of us have special LPs in our collection we wish were quieter. With SugarCube SC-1, now they can be.

Four Modes for the Results You Want
SC-1 has four modes, the results of which can all be compared via your phone from the comfort of your listening position. The four modes are as follows:

  1. Full Bypass: Allows complete purity to the original signal from the phono preamplifier. No circuitry in the signal path.
  2. Remove Ticks and Pops – Does exactly what it says. Removes all the surface noise from your vinyl pressing.
  3. Play LP As-Is – Again, self-explanatory. You will hear the pressing played with all surface noise intact.
  4. Just Play Ticks and Pops – This mode is really special. All you will hear is what is being removed from playback. All the surface noise, with none of the music being harmed.

“How audiophiles will react is something I can't predict but I think many will react as I did and come to see this is an indispensable addition to their vinyl playback systems. It will certainly change how I go used record shopping—especially in the bargain bins.”
—Michael Fremer, Analog Planet

“The SugarCube makes playing back much loved but well-worn vinyl a real joy. Clicks, pops and crackles can mask detail and distract from the music, and there’s no doubt that a quiet disc is always preferable to a noisy one. The SugarCube enhances the listening experience with vinyl old and new, and for that it earns a thoroughly deserved recommendation. Vinyl has never sounded so sweet!”
Audio Appraisal
  • Real-time, non-destructive click-and-pop removal
  • User-controllable strength of removal settings
  • 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution processing
  • Audiophile-grade analog bypass switch
  • iOS and Android apps for mobile control
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Dimensions (HWD): 2.2" x 12.1" x 13.9"

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