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Music Direct - Ultimate Cartridge Setup Service


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Get the Absolute Most from Your Turntable and Stylus: Music Direct Ultimate Cartridge Setup Includes Measurements, Services, and Adjustments That Benefit All Aspects of Performance and Longevity

Music Direct's Ultimate Cartridge Setup Service is a turntable (and analog) lover's wildest dream. Of course, we are happy to mount your new cartridge on your new turntable for free. We'll do the heavy lifting using the Feickert Next Generation Cartridge Alignment Tool for overhang and offset angle and dial-in tracking force with a digital stylus force gauge. And we do all this for free.

But many listeners want more. Which is why we offer the Ultimate Cartridge Setup Service, a thorough procedure beneficial to a wide range of turntables and providing you with maximum performance and music enjoyment. See everything you'll get and the immediate benefits you'll hear below. We even do house calls – no matter where you live. Please call us for more details.

Examples of Unsolicited Customer Testimonials:

"I can vouch for your setup...it is the best I have heard. PERIOD. That Feickert software just nails set up. I am very lucky to have watched you perform the set up a couple of times now. This kind of attention to detail goes way beyond a simple paint by numbers approach."
– Jim Howard, Applied Fidelity

"My turntable has vaulted beyond my high-end digital stuff in a way I can't express at the moment. I always liked it better, but it was just sort of warmer and happier. Now there is no comparison."
– Mark M.

"I just got the chance to listen to the TT, it really sounds great. The issue that I had with the harsh highs is gone. Vocals are really clear. Thank you. I believe that it was money well spent. Thank you again for your help, I hope to talk to you again soon when I am ready for a new cartridge."
– Tom S.

"I have to tell you, the money I spent on your turntable setup is the best use of money for me in a long time. It simply sounds fantastic!"
– Dennis G.

“I was growing disappointed with my vinyl playback, so I decided to contact Music Direct and order the cartridge Ultimate Setup service. The results blew me away. I can tell you this is the best money I spent! I should have done this years ago. Since the setup, I have been listening to vinyl only and certainly buying more vinyl. I eventually decided to purchase a new cartridge and order the Ultimate Setup again with amazing results! Thanks Music Direct!"
 — Gerard S.
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Services include:
  • Setting overhang and offset angle using the Acoustical Systems SMARTractor
  • Setting tracking force
  • Adjustment of antiskating
  • Measurement of phase error and crosstalk for different azimuth settings, and adjustment for best performance
  • Wow and flutter speed accuracy
  • Frequency response
  • Tonearm/cartridge resonances
  • Tonearm resonances
  • Correct setting of stylus rake angle (SRA) using a microscope
  • Better imaging
  • Deeper, wider soundstage
  • Lower noise and distortion
  • Clearer high frequencies
  • More tuneful, better-defined bass
  • Richer tone and harmonics
  • Reduced record wear
  • Longer stylus life
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