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VPI - Tru-Lift Tonearm Lifter


VPI - Tru-Lift Tonearm Lifter AVPITLFTA

VPI - Tru-Lift Tonearm Lifter


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An Affordable, Unshakable Insurance Policy for Your VPI Turntable: Canadian-Made Tru-Lift Automatic Tonearm Lifter Prevents Cartridge Damage, Preserves Needle Lifespan, Adds Convenience

Let the Tru-Lift automatic tonearm lift enhance the performance, lifespan, and appearance of your VPI turntable – and realize what it's like to enjoy high-end analog playback without any of the stresses or worries involved with spinning records. Made in Canada and individually hand-polished, Tru-Lift smoothly lifts the tonearm on your VPI rig while completely blending into your ‘table's aesthetic. It saves you time, eliminates any chance of your cartridge needle running aground at the of an LP, and allows you the convenience of listening from a distance without having the hassle to run back to grab the tonearm before the record finishes. It also extends your cartridge's life by cutting down on unnecessary wear and tear – or worse, permanent damage. Run-out grooves are no place for a needle, and Tru-Lift acts as a secure buffer – whisking your tonearm away from any possible harm. Fully adjustable and comprised of the highest-quality materials, Tru-Lift is height-adjustable and expressly designed for VPI ‘tables. Analog insurance policies have never come in a more attractive or affordable package. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Tru-Lift is available in three versions:

  • Tru-Lift #1 with Base
    Fits: Cliffwood, Player, HW-40
  • Tru-Lift #2 with Base
    Fits: Prime Scout
  • Tru-Lift #3 with Base
    Fits: Prime, Prime Signature, Classic, HR-X

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