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AudioPrism - Quietline Filter Mk3 (Ea)

Power Conditioner


AudioPrism - Quietline Filter Mk3 (Ea)

Power Conditioner

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Audioprism Quietline Filter

Your equipment is constantly bathed in a "sea" of electrical noise. Most line filters treat only the power coming directly into the equipment. They do nothing about the noise generated by other electronic devices. The Quietline Noise Reduction System is a new way to reduce the electrical noise and interference that degrades the sound of your audio system. It isn't enough to reduce EMI and RFI where they enter. You must suppress the noise at the source. The Quietline Noise Reduction System is a set of noise-suppressing modules that treat line noise and interference throughout your home to reduce the noise from computers, digital clocks, power tools and other offending appliances.

The Quietline Noise Reduction System is a whole-house treatment for noise. Reduced electrical interference is audible as cleaner sound, improved detail, a wider, deeper soundstage, reduced graininess and less listener fatigue. Even if you already use another power line filter, you will hear an improvement when you install the Quietline Noise Reduction System. One of Music Direct's all-time best-selling budget tweaks.

"An important step in the war against noise. This little wall-wart squelches AC-borne noise right at the outlet, audibly lowering your system's noise floor. One of the most dramatic and cost-effective audio improvements money can buy!"
 – Barry Willis, Stereophile Recommended Component

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