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Vibration Control

BDR - Pits & Pucks ABDRPITM3


Vibration Control

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Pits & Pucks are the products that put BDR into the hands of audiophiles worldwide. Pits & Pucks are essential building blocks for framing a BDR vibration control strategy, ideal for use under any component with no practical weight limit, Pits and Pucks eliminate vibration for a shocking improvement in tonality and speed. They deliver a huge drop in the noise floor, allowing previously obscured detail and nuance to be heard. Soundstage height, depth and width finally achieve proper dimensions for a stunning 3D sonic image of the recorded event. They can also be used to isolate components from compromised shelving such as may be found in racks with glass shelves, metal shelves or lightweight MDF shelves. When combined with BDR cones the result is world-class isolation coupled with incredibly rich sonic performance.

The Pit and the Puck are based on the same technology which created the award winning, world-renowned and incredibly effective BDR Shelves. Layers of carbon fiber, layered between polymers and resins with a polycarbonate outer layer to protect the materials within. This creates a massive bullet-proof structure (yes, really) which absorbs and consumes vibration. The only difference between Pits & Pucks and a Shelf is width, otherwise they're identical in construction.

Although Pits and Pucks are virtually identical in every way, Pits are dimpled on one side and have a 1/4"-20 thread on the other, whereas Pucks have a 1/4"-20 thread which runs through the center face of the puck. This gives them very different purposes and applications.

Pits are the more flexible of the two variants, as they can be used in a variety of situation. either as cone cups/floor protectors or when combined with BDR cones as a stand-alone vibration control platform. BDR Pits come with threaded studs for exactly this purpose. For heavy components, place the broad, flat side of the BDR Pit against the chassis of the component with the Cone facing down into the shelf or into a second Pit for the ultimate in isolation. For lighter components or highly resonant shelving place the Pits flat on the shelf, with the Cones pointing up into the chassis of the component. BDR offers Tape Dots, extremely thin double-sided sticky tape, to keep Pits from sliding around on the bottom of components if this becomes an issue.

The through-hole threading on a Puck allows them to be coupled directly to speakers, equipment racks, subwoofers, turntables, or any component with threaded feet. We recommend bolting a Puck & Cone combination directly to the chassis of the component and using a Pit as the Cone cup. Should the intended gear not have 1/4"-20 threading, we carry a large variety of common-sized thread adapters for this purpose. As for weight capacity, we've never found a practical upper limit to their capabilities, however, we've been told either variant can handle 500Lbs each.

Mk3 vs Mk4
BDR Cones have a compositional difference in their material, which gives Mk3 Cones a different sonic character than Mk4 Cones, even though they're the same dimensions. This has created confustion when it comes to Pits & Pucks as Mk4 versions are a quarter inch shorter than Mk3 versions. This is because the Mk3 version receives more carbon fiber and composite layers than the MK4 version. This translates to a substantial difference in performance; Mk3s are vastly more effective at damping resonance and vibration compared to Mk4s. Although Mk4s still remain a popular choice for our customers, if asked, we will always recommend the Mk3 version of these devices as the superior choice for any component, whether tubed, solid-state or digital.

Mk3: 2-3/4" x 3/4"
Mk4: 2-3/4" x 1/2"

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