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EAT - Cool Damper Multi-Tube Valve Ring (Ea)


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The Newest Assault on Tube Micro-Vibration!

The EAT Cool Tube Dampers Will Improve the Sound of Any Tube Gear.

This is the product tube-loving audiophiles have been waiting for. You know tubes are sensitive to vibration, but up until now the only devices available were either inexpensive rings that bonded to the tube or large, heavy dampers that did a great job but were extremely expensive and could not work on a variety of tubes. That's where the EAT Cool Damper comes in. The Cool Damper uses an ingenious and extremely effective vibration control system to effectively reduce tube vibration; this same system allows the Cool Damper to accommodate a large variety of input tubes.   

The EAT Cool Damper consists of an outer chassis and special carbon-teflon V-profile composite strips.  The 6 vertical composite strips fit snugly against the sidewalls of the tube, damping the long walls for maximum vibration control. The outer chassis is a combination of Aluminum, Teflon and Carbon Composite PTFE, extruded into a shape that provides exceptional vibration control and directs airflow for better cooling of the tube. Cool Dampers absolutely will add many hours of life to your tubes.

For maximum compatibility, the composite strips can be easily moved to 3 different locations inside the chassis allowing the Cool Damper to accomodate a large variety of tubes. In the diagram below, it's easy to see how this ingenious use of composite strips (drawn here in green for greater visibility, they're actually gray) creates enormous flexibility.

Cool Dampers are 1.339" wide and 0.906" tall.

Compatibility List
  • 12AT7: ECC81, 6201, E81CC, ECC801, B309, 6060, 6679, 7728, CV455, CV2016, CV8154
  • 12AU7: ECC82, E82CC, 6067, B339, 5814, 6189, 6680, 7730, CV491, CV8155
  • 12AX7: ECC83, E83CC, ECC803, 7025, 5751, 7058, 7729, 6681, CV492, CV8156
  • 6DJ8: ECC88, E88CC, 6922
  • EL84, EF86 and many others.

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