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Accessories > Expressimo Audio - The Lift Tonearm Lifter (Original) **OPEN BOX**
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Expressimo Audio - The Lift Tonearm Lifter (Original) **OPEN BOX**

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** THIS ITEM IS A DEMO - Full Manufacturer's Warranty **

Expressimo Audio The Lift Tonearm Lifter

Prolong Stylus Life and Save Yourself the Hassle of Remembering the Last Track on an LP: Expressimo The Lift Tonearm Lifter Automatically Raises Your Tonearm When a Record Finishes

The Expressimo Audio The Lift Tonearm Lifter (Original) means you never again worry about your stylus burrowing into the end grooves of your record, going round and round, and getting irreparably damaged. Made of brass, this clever device automatically raises the tonearm once it finishes playing the side of a record. Adjustable for tall platers, different arm tubes, and cartridge weights, The Lift installs within minutes. Given multiple awards by analog aficionado Michael Fremer, it looks great, never fails, and is basically a must for turntable owners. Free yourself from having to remember when a record is over and having to rush over to your ‘table. What's your peace of mind (and stylus) worth? Indeed, The Lift pays for itself the very time you use it. This will literally change how you listen to records. So simple and ingenious, we wish we would've thought of it!

"Every turntable should have one."
– Michael Fremer, Stereophile

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