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iFi - Groundhog Ground Control


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Ground Your Audio Device and Eliminate Hum, Buzz, and Hiss: Versatile iFi Groundhog Ground Control Establishes Instant Earth Connection, Accepts RCA, USB, Spade, or Y-Converter Terminations

Instantly eliminate annoying hiss, hum, and buzz from your audio devices that lack the crucial important ground/earth connection with the iFi Groundhog ground control. Compatible with RCA, USB, spade, and 3.5mm Y-converter terminations, Groundhog connects with practically any system – ranging from computer-audio setups to dedicated stereos to portable devices. Groundhog serves as a ground/earth control that shields interference and drains away distracting noise. If you touch a device and detect an increase in hum, hiss, or buzz, you're missing an earth control – and need Groundhog. Once installed in the audio chain, Groundhog increases resolution, restores midrange body, tightens bass, and enhances balance. Your entire listening experience will dramatically improve. Groundhog brings ground control to major hum. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

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