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iFi - iSilencer 3.0 USB Rebalancer


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A Simple, Direct, and Affordable Upgrade for All USB Ports and Computer-Audio Setups: iFi iSilencer3.0 USB Rebalancer Lowers Noise, Reduces Jitter, Eliminates Errors, and Improves Sound

Designed to be used on both active and inactive USB ports, the iFi iSilencer3.0 USB rebalancer upgrades all USB audio and stands as the simplest, most direct USB upgrade. Outfitted with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, iSilencer3.0 lowers RFI/EMI noise by up to 40dB, reduces jitter and packet errors, Rebalances the USB signal, and incorporates cutting-edge engineering for optimum signal transfer. You'll hear blacker backgrounds, deeper details, extended dynamics, and greater clarity – just like that. Whether you utilize a computer server or hard drive, have a system that costs $100 or $10k, iSilencer3.0 kills noise dead. Plus, employing iSilencer3.0 produces a cumulative effect. The more you use on your system, the more noise that gets eliminated. Try one of these incredible, inexpensive devices and hear the differences yourself. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

iFi Exclusive: Active Noise Cancellation
Drawing from the military field (specifically the Thales Spectra radar cancellation system deployed in the French Dassault Rafale jet fighter), iFi's Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) audio power system is a cornerstone of the company's USB audio technology. ANC measured noise drops by 100 times, or 40dB, in comparison to the common noise filter. By generating a signal identical to the noise signal but in the exact opposite phase, it actively cancels all the incoming noise. ANC is the perfect ‘antidote' for power supply noise, the bane of USB audio, and enhances recordings' backgrounds and inner resolution.

The More iSilencer3.0 Units You Use, the More Noise You Reduce
iSilencer3.0 can be used at active USB ports and on unused USB ports where it will reduce radiated EMI. iSilencer3.0® cuts noise system-wide for all USB ports, including on an active port that has another iSilencer3.0 plugged-in and connected to another device. Multiple ANC® circuits will simply double the noise reduction each time the number of ANC® units is doubled. Two iSilencer3.0s will kill double the noise of a single device and four will kill four times the noise of a single iSilencer3.0.

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