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MCINTOSH - MCLK12 Metered Clock


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McIntosh MCLK12 Metered Clock

The Coolest Clock Made for Audiophiles and Music Lovers: Mountable McIntosh MCLK12 Metered Clock Shows Your Love for Great Sound, Offers Precision Timekeeping from Legendary Blue Meters

Telling time has never been more fun or stylish as with the one-of-a-kind McIntosh MCLK12 metered clock. A tribute to McIntosh's timeless style, MCLK12 features the audio company's legendary Blue Watt meters to display the hour (left meter) and minutes (right meter). When they reach the end of their scale, the output meters fly back to their original position – just as they do on McIntosh gear when audio output ceases. And since the faceplate has the same width as other McIntosh components, you can mount MCLK12 in an audio rack! Of course, you can also place MCLK12 on a mantle, wall, or shelf.

Fueled by a temperature-compensated quartz-crystal oscillator for precision timekeeping, MCLK12 is a serious clock. It's also possibly the coolest thing you can have to announce your enthusiasm for McIntosh and great-sounding audio. A long-life lithium battery provides AC backup in case of power failure. Want to switch off the blue meters on occasion? MCLK12 does it. Now, all you need to figure out is how many MCLK12s you need. They'll bring every room in your house to life!

An Unparalleled Heritage of Prestigious Craftsmanship
McIntosh has been handmaking world-class audio equipment for seven decades. Each component is produced in the same upstate New York factory the company has called home for 60 years. Recognized and revered around the globe, McIntosh continues to set new standards for high-end performance, unstinting reliability, and product longevity. Its storied tradition of ingenuity, craftsmanship, pride, and service is shared by only the most iconic American brands. In an era where manufacturing shortcuts and outsourcing are the norm, McIntosh takes a no-compromise approach defined by hands-on workmanship, singular expertise, and an unabated passion for being the best in its field. These rarified characteristics set McIntosh apart. While most audio companies emulate the competition, McIntosh leads by living up to – and exceeding – its own benchmarks. That's the mark of a legend.

Like None Other: Iconic Blue Watt Meters and Black Faceplates
The gentle glow of McIntosh's signature Blue Watt meters tells you that you own a legend – and that you made the right choice. Those soft blue lights convey comfort, coolness, and character. Known even to non-audiophiles, McIntosh's stylish meters also serve a practical purpose that guards against speaker damage. They're one of many unique elements distinctive to every McIntosh product. McIntosh's namesake black faceplates claim an equally famous pedigree. Whether 1/4-inch or 1/8-inch thick, every glass faceplate is cut with garnet dust to diminish friction and guarantee a perfect finish. The unrivaled appearance further owes to the application of 12 layers of paint and final examination by a white-gloved specialist. This combination of personal care, old-school values, and human involvement exemplifies what makes McIntosh different – and better.

Handmade for Everyone That Appreciates the Superiority of Hands-On Artistry
McIntosh's handcrafted ethic predates by more than half a century the handcrafted movement currently re-defining the beer, food, furniture, jewelry, and soap industries. From patrons of farm-to-table restaurants to fans of limited-batch beer, people increasingly realize the importance and superiority of handcrafted goods in their everyday life. Whether it's the exacting detail afforded the PC boards, the meticulous attention paid to the hand-wound transformer coils, or the innovation behind patented Power Guard circuitry, McIntosh shares in the same belief. Rather than cut corners or adhere to mass-produced construction, McIntosh only puts its name on components that deliver paragon experiences by way of their unassailable artistry and precision-minded quality. While McIntosh products don't come cheap, they stand out – and stand the test of time – in a world flooded by homogeneity and inferiority.

Aspire to Own an American Icon
McIntosh amplifiers broadcast President Lyndon Johnson's inauguration speech and powered the original Woodstock festival. Nearly 29,000 watts of McIntosh power fueled the Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound, regarded by many as the finest-sounding concert system ever devised. McIntosh has assisted in the recording of some of history's most celebrated albums, including the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds. David Bowie collaborator/noted producer Tony Visconti and Dead guitarist/singer Bob Weir are among the countless McIntosh devotees. Thousands of older McIntosh components remain active in systems, having been built to last a lifetime. The history is clear: With McIntosh, you're not only considering today but planning for endless tomorrows. McIntosh is legacy audio you bequeath to future generations. The reason wish lists exists, McIntosh is the dream you aspire to own and, once you do, you cherish forever.

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Dimensions (WHD): 17-1/2" x 8-7/8" x 5"
Weight: 8 lbs.

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