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Target Audio Products Target - Spike Shoes Floor Protection Footers (Set of 4)


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The Original and Still The Best, Spike Shoes Offer Floor Protection Plus a Sonic Upgrade

Back in the ‘80s, Target Audio Products (UK) developed Spike Shoes as a way to preserve the excellent coupling benefits of spikes while relieving the fear of damaging delicate flooring. Often copied yet unsurpassed, nearly 40 years later Spike Feet remain unique on the market. Spike Shoes won't slip around or move, no matter how much vibration they're subjected to, keeping components rock-solid for optimum performance. Made in Canada from superior materials, Spike Shoes offer both coupling and decoupling vibration control properties for an astonishing sonic improvement.

Spike Shoes are made by bonding two very different materials together for maximum vibration control, a combination which delivers a rock-solid platform for any spiked component. Highly durable steel is bonded to an EPDM elastomer insert for the best of both worlds. The zinc-plated, powder coated steel provides an ideal coupling surface, quickly channeling vibration away from the spikes. The high durometer (hardness) EPDM elastomer changes its absorption characteristics depending on how much weight is applied; lightweight loads are coupled to the floor but heavier loads are decoupled. This is what makes Spike Shoes so unique, regardless of what spiked component is placed on them, lightweight speakers or a fully loaded massive equipment stand, Spike Shoes provide maximum isolation.

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