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AUDIO ADDITIVES - Digital Stylus Force Gauge **OPEN BOX**


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Audio Additives Digital Stylus Force Gauge

Ensure that Your Tracking Force is Perfectly Accurate

Audio Additives is proud to offer this highly accurate Digital Stylus Force Gauge. Able to measure tracking force down to a vanishingly low 0.001 gram, the Digital Stylus Force Gauge is one of the most accurate stylus force gauges available on the market. More substantial than previous versions, the new metal case is non-magnetic and now uses standard AAA batteries (included).  A new touchscreen user-interface makes setup quick and easy.

While measuring down to a thousandth of a gram might be considered a bit excessive, the Audio Additives Digital Stylus Force Gauge allows you to have absolute control of your cartridge’s stylus tracking force. In careful listening tests, we have heard changes of just 0.05 grams, so experiment with your cartridge to get all the performance you paid for and hear more music from your valuable record collection.

100% Music Direct Money Back Guaranteed.

NOTE: Unit comes fully calibrated from the factory, calibration weight is only for use if necessary. Plus, it's very cool to prove the accuracy of the gauge.

Batteries, Calibration Weight and Instructions are included.

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