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AVID - Sapphire M5 Replacement Spindle for Older Turntables **DEMO**


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** THIS ITEM IS A DEMO - Full Manufacturer's Warranty **

Avid Sapphire M5 Replacement Spindle

AVID makes some of the world's finest turntables; the ingenious and innovative engineering that goes into AVID tables is state of the art. One of the most innovative features is the spindle assembly; simple in appearance, the spindle is a core element of an AVID turntable's amazing performance.

This spindle has an M5 thread, a thinner, finer style, for older AVID turntables with an M5 threaded clamp. Looking for the replacement spindle for current model AVID turntables, click here.

Machined from ultra-pure, ultra-soft brass with a sapphire cup in its base, this small part bears enormous responsibilities. The spindle assembly supports the platter, channels vibration away from the record, secures the clamp and provides an extremely hard and smooth surface for the bearing to rotate against. By focusing all these tasks in one place, AVID is better able to predict and manage resonance and vibration, leading to superior sonic performance.

The outstanding performance of the AVID spindle is tempered somewhat by its fragile nature. The ultra-soft brass thread, so effective at channeling vibration away from the record clamp can easily be cross-threaded if the clamp isn't installed correctly. The sapphire bearing, so smooth and hard can be shattered or cracked if the heavy platter is dropped onto it. Which is why we sell the Sapphire replacement spindle. With only a few twists of the included Allen wrench, this replacement spindle will get your AVID turntable back up and running.

The Sapphire Replacement Spindle works with all current model AVID turntables. Wrench and screws for easy replacement of damaged spindle are included.

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