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CLEARAUDIO - Trackability Test Vinyl LP



CLEARAUDIO - Trackability Test Vinyl LP


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Clearaudio Trackability Test LP

An Audiophile-Approved Test Record

The Clearaudio Test Record, pressed on 180g vinyl, was developed with the most discerning audiophiles in mind. Ensure that you are getting the most out of your analog rig with this simple yet effective system enhancement.

Track Listing
    Side One, All tracks 30 sec.
  1. Radius: 146-143mm, left 1kHz 0dB
  2. 143-140mm, right 1kHz 0dB
  3. 140-137mm, mono lateral 1kHz 0dB
  4. 128-123mm, 50µ tracking ability test: 333 Hz mono lateral
  5. 123-118mm, 60µ
  6. 118-112mm, 70µ
  7. 112-106mm, 80µ
  8. 106-100mm, 90µ
  9. 100-94mm, 100µ
  10. 90-85mm, 50µ tracking ability test: 333 Hz mono lateral
  11. 85-80mm, 60µ
  12. 80-75mm, 70µ
  13. 75-69mm, 80µ
  14. 69-64mm, 90µ
  15. 64-58mm, 100µ
  16. Side Two
  17. Radius: 139, no signal, endless duration
  18. 127-69, approx. 15 min., 3150 Hz mono lateral

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