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Expressimo Audio - VTA Alignment Gauge Blocks

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Expressimo Audio VTA Gauge Blocks

Verify and Record Exact VTA Alignment With Expressimo Audio VTA Gauge Blocks: Precision-Made Accessories Make VTA Measuring Easy and Foolproof

Make VTA alignment a simple and exact process with Expressimo Audio VTA Gauge Blocks. Precision-made from white and black Delrin, these handy accessories allow you to check your VTA degree and establish reference points for all of your cartridges just by using these blocks. One side of each block is marked with positive-degree notations while their flip side has negative measurements. When placed one inch away from the cartridge, the gauge blocks allow you to see if the same amount of light appears between the the block and cartridge. The degree marks correspond to how much you need to adjust the VTA. Quick, precise, and foolproof!

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