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FURUTECH - DF-2 LP Disc Flattener



FURUTECH - DF-2 LP Disc Flattener


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The Furutech DF-2 Will Give New Life to Your Warped LPs

The Furutech DF-2 takes up virtually no room at all with its space-saving, vertical storage design. Improved film heating technology optimizes the entire heating and cooling cycle for a perfectly flat LP that you and your cartridge will love. Now you can save your cherished discs, from LPs with a slight warpage to your seriously warped LPs, now they can all be safely Furutech Flattened! NOTE: Furutech cannot guarantee perfection on the most severely damaged and warped LPs. But nothing on earth is as successful in saving warped records!

The DF-2 is more versatile than ever: stores vertically, operates horizontally and now works with standard weight 120g pressings all the way up to the thickest audiophile pressings. As with the previous DFV-1, the DF-2 is a model of simplicity to use: an LCD display keeps you informed of progress (which takes between 1.5 and 2.5 hours) and a tone signaling when done.

NOTE: Furutech states the DF-2 is not for use on ultra-thin records under 120g. You can absolutely safely use the DF-2 to flatten any standard weight (120g) records, but 110g and 115g records (or lower) should not be used with the DF-2.

Voltage: 115VAC @ 60Hz
Energy Consumption: 45W / 140W (max)
Heating plate: 149°F
Dimensions (HWD): 7"x 17”x 20”
Safe Usage Environment: Humidity 20% - 90% (No condensation)
Manufactured for Furutech by ORB High End Systems of Japan

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