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MARIGO LABS Marigo Audio Labs - VTS Tonearm Tuning Dot Kit


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Marigo Labs Tonearm Tuning Dots

This specially formulated set of Marigo's Constrained Layer Damping Dots is the most cost-effective upgrade you can make to your tonearm. They damp your tonearm, cartridge, and headshell more precisely than competing products and for less money. This has long been one of our best-selling budget tweaks. This one really works, and after you apply the dots, you'll wonder how these little things help to bring out so much more detail. 100% guaranteed.

"Marigo's VTS Tuning Dots have been one of the most effective and dramatic steps I have taken to improve my system's performance. The improvements were not sublte. They brought great transparency without losing musicality. Clarity, dynamics, inner detail, midrange bloom, bass slam and articulation have such an improved sense of openness that they represent a major paradigm shift in resonance control."
– David Clark, Positive Feedback

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