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REGA - Adjustable Arm Height Spacer for 3-point arms


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Rega Adjustable Arm Height Spacer

Rega's Adjustable Spacer makes changing VTA on Rega 3-point tonearms easy!  The Adjustable Spacer replaces a drawer full of shims and the pain of having to uninstall and reinstall the tonearm every time VTA adjustments are required.  The Adjustable Spacer is made from the same glass fiber reinforced polymer as the bases of Rega's three-point tonearms, with four different height columns, allowing for easy 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm adjustments. 

The Adjustable Spacer can be easily fitted in under 3 minutes.  Simply remove your 3-Point arm from the plinth, thread the spacer over the tonearm cable, then re-mount the arm using the required height setting. Once installed, the Adjustable Spacer eliminates the need to remove the tonearm to make VTA adjustments.

NOTE: On Rega turntables, if adjustment of 4mm or above is necessary, remove the dustcover to prevent the counterweight from making contact with the lid.  On Rega 301 tonearms, upgrading to the heavier but smaller profile Standard Tungsten Counterweight will alleviate this problem.

The Adjustable Spacer comes with a set of 30mm screws for use with the taller 6mm and 8mm settings.

NOTE: This spacer is not compatible with the 2016+ Rega Planar 3 due to changes in the tonearm's configuration. The 2mm Steel Spacer remains compatible.

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