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REGA - Performance Pack Kit for Planar 1 & RP1


Rega - Performance Pack Kit for Planar 1 & RP1 AREGATTRP1PP

REGA - Performance Pack Kit for Planar 1 & RP1


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Rega RP1 Performance Pack

Hot Rod The Performance Of Your RP1 Turntable

The RP1 is a fantastic turntable and Rega just made it even better with this simple upgrade. The Rega Performance Pack takes the already outrageous performance of the RP1 and turns it up a notch. Rega products are all about high value and this kit is no exception; easily installed, the Performance Pack is an extremely effective and affordable upgrade. Elevate the performance of your Rega RP1 with this easy-to-install upgrade.

The RP1 Performance Pack includes:
1. Reference drive belt
2. Rega Bias 2 MM cartridge
3. 100% wool mat from the P7

"For all perspective owners, the Rega RP1 Performance Pack is a no-brainer-but wait a while before buying it, if only so you can luxuriate in the fun of hearing such small things make such a big differences. Warmly recommended!"
- Art Dudley, Stereophile

Upgrade Reference Drive Belt
The increased drive delivered by this belt vastly improves speed stability and tonal accuracy. The benefits of the Reference Drive Belt are especially noticeable during long musical notes and complex passages. Read more about the Reference Belt here.

Bias 2 cartridge
Housed in Rega’s unique lightweight high rigidity cartridge body the Bias 2 completely handmade at Rega's factory in England. This moving magnet cartridge uses a high quality elliptical stylus and parallel wound coils usually found in much more expensive cartridges. The Rega Bias 2 delivers gobs more information than the stock Ortofon, with a livelier tonal balance and better dynamics, a detailed, balanced performance with tight bass and excellent stereo imaging.

Turntable Mat
Taken directly from the P7, this high quality mat is manufactured from 100% natural wool. Wool has stiffer fibers than synthetic materials which improves coupling between the phenolic resin platter and the record. This mat also compensates for the difference in heights between the stock Ortofon and the Bias 2, meaning no adjustments to tonearm VTA are required.


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