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RINGMAT - Turntable Mat (330XLR)


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Ringmat 330 XLR Record Mat

The Best Platter Mat Upgrade for Any Table without a Record Clamp

A Stereophile Recommended Component

The Ringmat 330 XLR is more than a record mat, it's a specially designed record support system which removes distortion right where it occurs, at the record. A Ringmat 330 XLR will enable your analog rig to reproduce music more accurately with very low distortion. Put a Ringmat on your table, you'll hear a significant reduction of background/surface noise with a cleaner, crisper and more detailed sound. 

"For me, this is the only mat that has mattered on my turntable. I heard greater clarity, focus, tighter bass, and a deeper, wider soundstage. Dynamics improved, too!"
– Sam Tellig, Stereophile

Designed to replace the cheap felt mats that plague many turntables, especially Linns, Regas, Music Halls, Pro-Jects etc, the Ringmat 330 XLR is a deceptively simple design. Made from slim rings of cork adhered to a round fiber sheet, these cork rings provide very precise damping without sucking the life out of the recording. Sonically, cork is superior to felt, rubber, even Sorbothane, with a rich, natural, organic tone which synthetic materials simply can't match. Ringmat's unique design supports the LP and isolates it from vibration, keeping unwanted energy from entering the stylus and thus the audio system. As an added bonus, this will improve tracking and reduce both stylus and groove wear.

Try a Ringmat for yourself and hear what you've been missing.

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