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Music Direct Turntable Setup Kit (Basic)



Music Direct Turntable Setup Kit (Basic)


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The Turntable Setup Kit Has Everything You Need to Get Started Listening to Records!

If you're going to listen to vinyl, make sure you've got everything you need to get started! We've created this package of bare necessities that anyone who has a turntable or is about to buy one should own. Each one of these products represents a great value in their category; together they'll make sure you're getting the most out of your turntable and your records. The best part is, this kit is less expensive than buying all the products separately!

The Basic Turntable Setup Kit includes one of each of the following:

If your turntable's is not perfectly level, every other parameter will be off. The VPI Crosscheck Turntable Level lets you check level in two directions simultaneously.

Tracking Force
The Shure Stylus Force Gauge is our best selling stylus force gauge. It's simple to use and will allow you to quickly and accurately set your cartridge's tracking force. Proper tracking force will help you get the most out of your cartridge, making your records sound better and preventing your stylus from wearing out prematurely.

Cartridge Alignment
Simple and incredibly effective, the Mobile Fidelity Geo-Disc allows you to quickly and accurately verify that your cartridge is mounted properly. Even if your cartridge came premounted, there's a possibility that the alignment has changed since it was packed. Checking the alignment and tracking force will ensure you're getting everything you've paid for out of your vinyl playback system.

Vinyl Maintenance
Prevent clicks, pops and noise! Brush your records with the Mobile Fidelity Record Brush before you play them. The special design gets deep down into the grooves of your records, removing dust and debris from your records before the stylus grinds them into the sides.

Stylus Maintenance
A clean stylus is the best way to make sure that your records sound their best, year after year. Mobile Fidelity LP-9 stylus cleaner gently removes dust, debris and detritus, extending the life of your stylus and improving performance. LP-9 is our best selling stylus cleaner.

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