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Accessories > Analog Accessories > VPI - Anti-Skate Device for JMW Tonearms
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VPI - Anti-Skate Device for JMW Tonearms



VPI - Anti-Skate Device for JMW Tonearms


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VPI Anti-Skate Device

The VPI anti-skate device is the U.S. analog manufacturer's unique solution to the problem of anti-skating, one of the least-understood forces acting on a tonearm. Skating force is created by friction between the stylus and the record, causing a force vector in a direction towards the center of the record when the headshell of the tonearm has an offset angle. Putting a stylus down on a flat, grooveless record will cause the arm to move toward the center of the record. Arm manufacturers have tried to compensate for this force, but that is impossible because the force constantly changes as the music and velocity change.

This device works in tandem with the coiled wire of the JMW Memorial tonearm, which acts as a spring and pushes the arm back without affecting the sound quality. On the Signature version of the JMW-9, 10, or 12, you have the option of installing this mechanical anti-skate. Select the proper model for your tonearm from the above drop-down menu.

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