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RINGMAT - Turntable Mat (Real Ale Anniversary Gold Spot)


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Ringmat Real Ale Gold Spot Turntable Mat

Ringmat Real Ale Gold Spot Turntable Mat is Perfect for Any 'Table Without a Record Clamp

Works Extremely Well With Rega, Pro-Ject, Music Hall, and Any Older Turntables: Ringmat Real Ale Gold Spot Turntable Mat Leads to Increased Clarity, Speed, Imaging 

A tremendous analog accessory made for vinyl lovers, Ringmat Real Ale Gold Spot Turntable Mat sounds like a beer and even uses genuine beer grains in its fibers. But this terrific platter mat's strengths pertain not to alcohol content but to the manners in which it dissipates energy, reduces resonance, and protects your stylus. You’ll hear improved clarity, speed, imaging, soundstaging, and naturalism on every record. Now, what beer can do that?

On the surface, Ringmat Real Ale Gold Spot Turntable Mat is a much-improved version of the standard Ringmat. It looks like the standard Ringmat, but adds a "Gold Spot" disc and special cut-outs to reduce resonance. The cut-outs also disperse more energy, further protecting the delicate stylus/record interface. With Ringmat Real Ale Gold Spot Turntable Mat, you'll instantly hear improved clarity, speed, and timing as well as stabilized imaging, more natural tones, and noticeably enhanced soundstaging.

Yes, this mat's name is long, but trust us when we tell you this is one serious analog upgrade. (And a must for analog-centric beer drinkers!) If you own a Rega, Pro-Ject, Music Hall, or any older model turntable, you will experience incredible results. Our highest recommendation and 100% guaranteed!

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