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Shunyata Research Shunyata - SR-Z1 AC Outlet



Shunyata Research Shunyata - SR-Z1 AC Outlet


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The Duplex that Put Shunyata at the Top of the Pack 

Replace that Cheap Old Outlet with a Shunyata SR-Z1 

It's a dirty little secret in home construction: chances are good that the outlets in your home are probably 39-cent specials from the local big-box hardware store. Since lamps, microwave ovens and clock radios don't draw a lot of power, there's no need to waste good money on outlets for them. However, your audio gear deserves better, a lot better. 

The Shunyata SR-Z1 is the latest evolution of the AC wall outlet technology Shunyata pioneered in their Hydra line of power conditioners. The most important feature inside this outlet is the high-copper content brass connectors. The exact same brass used inside Shunyata's power conditioners and on their power cords, this low-impedance, high conductivity brass creates an exceptional pathway for power from the wall, unleashing performance previously bottle necked by a cheap outlet. To keep power delivery smooth, Shunyata uses a new dual-cryogenic process on the SR-Z1 which offers a modest improvement in high-power applications.

The Shunyata SR-Z1 features a vented chassis to shed heat as current flow increases during enthusiastic listening sessions, thus ensuring the SR-Z1 will not change its conductive properties or the tonal balance of the system. The SR-Z1 is also a split-duplex design which for the most demanding of high-current applications allows each outlet to be wired to a separate circuit simply by removing a jumper. The SR-Z1 is the ultimate ac power outlet for any system and a huge upgrade.

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