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VIBRAPODS (set of 4)



VIBRAPODS (set of 4)


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An All-Time Best-Selling Budget Tweak: Vibrapods Dissipate Vibrational Energy and Act Like Mini Shock Absorbers Under Gear, Leading to Enhanced Musical Focus, Dynamics, and Richness

Hear more of what your system can do with Vibrapods, affordable, extremely effective dampers specifically engineered to efficiently dissipate vibrational energy. Much more than meets the eye, Vibrapods act like mini shock absorbers, isolating components from acoustic and mechanical motion in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Use Vibrapods under any component for a huge jump in focus, much better dynamic range and a smoother, richer overall tonal balance.

Vibrapods have a broad, wide base which offers excellent stability. Your components will rest on a small raised dome which, depending on the selected model, has a different thickness and weight-handling characteristic. For instance, a Model 1 Vibrapod has a very soft and supple dome whereas a Model 5 Vibrapod is very hard and non-compliant. These differing characteristics allow Vibrapods to be used under a broad range of gear. Simply select the model with the appropriate weight rating for your component. Mixing and matching of the various models is encouraged. Some components have more weight on one side than the other. For optimal results, using more Vibrapods of a lower weight rating will sound better than using fewer of a higher rating.

Vibrapods are available in five models based on weight capacity, supporting anywhere from 2 to 25 pounds each. Simply select the model with the appropriate weight rating for your component from our drop-down menu above. Please see weight limits below.

“Vibrapods are small, flexible vinyl pucks that can transform a system.”
The Absolute Sound, Editors’ Choice Award

Dimensions: 9/16" tall, 2-7/16" in diameter

  • MODEL 1: Supports 2-3 pounds each (Set of 4 = 8-12 lbs)
  • MODEL 2: Supports 4-8 pounds each (Set of 4 = 16-32 lbs)
  • MODEL 3: Supports 8-12 pounds each (Set of 4 = 32-48 lbs)
  • MODEL 4: Supports 14-18 pounds each (Set of 4 = 42-72 lbs)
  • MODEL 5: Supports 22-28 pounds each (Set of 4 = 88-112 lbs)

Please note: Vibrapod isolators and cones are made from vinyl and may blemish surfaces they touch. To ensure the safety of these surfaces, use playing cards, bar coasters, or felt between the surface and each Vibrapod isolator or cone.

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