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MOBILE FIDELITY - Shine-ola Optical Disc Cleaner


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Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab SHINE-OLA Optical Disc Cleaner

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab SHINE-OLA Optical Disc Cleaner Improves the Sound of CDs, SACDs, and Other Media: Also Significantly Enhances the Video Quality of Blu-rays and DVDs

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab SHINE-OLA optical disc cleaner is a proprietary polycarbonate cleaner provides a gentle, effective, scratch-free way to clean digital discs. Using SHINE-OLA on audio media such as CDs, SACDs, and DVD-As and video discs like Blu-rays and any DVDs results in significantly better sound and video. Every bottle comes with an ultra-soft micro-fiber cloth for easy and safe cleaning. It also lasts a long time. A 2 oz. bottle of SHINE-OLA will clean approximately 200 discs, however, if you spray carefully and cover the entire disc with one spray, up to 350 uses is possible.

How It Works
A proprietary polycarbonate cleaner, SHINE-OLA is incredibly pure, leaves no residue, and does not break down a disc's polymers. It is safe for use on all polycarbonate discs (see list below). SHINE-OLA removes the heat-generated waste molecules left behind by the pressing process, preventing laser-wandering.

High-Surface-Tension Solution Is Ideal for Cleaning
While SHINE-OLA not spread out like other disc-cleaning solutions, the high-surface-tension water is exactly what you want in a solution. Why? The high-surface-tension water not only lifts the debris from the disc, it actually holds the debris so that it can be safely and effectively removed. By contrast, low-surface-tension solutions allow the debris to flow back into the disc pits, leaving behind debris, where it can leave a sonic signature and mar performance.

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