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CARDAS AUDIO Cardas - Clear Beyond XL Power Cable (15 Amp)


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Flagship Power Cable Handles the Highest-Capacity Applications and Most Demanding Electronics: Cardas Audio Clear Beyond XL Offers Huge Performance and Jaw-Dropping Improvements

Improved shielding on all three conductors, a reference-setting overall shield, a larger toroidal ground filter, higher AWG, and a brand-new passive noise filter built into the ground shield's outer filter: Cardas Audio's flagship Clear Beyond XL power cable goes beyond (pun intended) even the exceptional performance of its Clear Beyond sibling and offers dramatic boosts to any type of system. Designed to handle the highest-capacity applications and most demanding electronics, Clear Beyond XL offers extra-large benefits to any music lover that employs it in their setup. Cardas Audio's hugest-grade E-5 power connectors featuring copper blades and clips, played with rhodium over silver, ensure you get every ounce of power at the connection terminal.

How do we put the scope of Clear Beyond XL in sonic perspective? The emergence and everyday reality of crystalline tones, dead-quiet backgrounds, spectacular balances, artifact-free transients, extraordinary clarity, and silky smooth delivery serve as a start. Try Clear Beyond XL out for yourself with a risk-free audition. If you're not left slack-jawed by the enhancements it brings to your music, simply return it with the backing of our 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee.

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