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Shunyata Research Shunyata - Alpha EF Extra Flexibility Power Cable


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Reference-Level Performance, Unprecedented Flexibility: Pliable and Restorative Shunyata Alpha EF Power Cord Features Does Audio Equivalent of Yoga for Amps, Source Components

The Shunyata Alpha Extra Flexibility (EF) power cord does the audio equivalent of spirit-enhancing yoga for your amplifiers and source components. Restorative, agile, and strong, it lets the soul of your music flow freely, purely, and clearly. Tailor-made for electronics with obstructed power-inlet entries as well as setups that require a short-angle turn radius, the ultra-pliable Alpha EF fits into the narrowest of settings and boasts unprecedented flexibility. Equipped with a unique power connector (EF-C15) specifically created for Alpha EF and its Delta EF sibling, this groundbreaking power cord benefits from small, slender dimensions without sacrificing any performance abilities. Full-sized CopperCONN connectors with pure copper contacts, hollow-core VTX conductors, and the capability to accept eight-gauge wire without any downsizing further distinguishes this fits-anywhere cord. So does its second-generation Zitron technology that results in reference-level performance.

Debuting in Alpha Series, Shunyata's improved Zitron technology measurably lowers dielectric distortion and still preserves the original signal's integrity. It requires a special type of conductor that has two signal paths and an electric field compensation circuit that creates a cancellation signal that prevents the insulation from developing a charge. But Alpha EF goes even further. It also features Shunyata's Kinetic Phase Inversion Process (KPIP) – a groundbreaking conditioning method that not only eliminates the need for time-consuming burn-in on your end but elevates the overall fidelity of your system. You will experience more detail, harmonic depth, and dynamic subtlety when listening to music with Alpha EF in your setup. And you won't have to wait hours and hours for it to happen. Alpha EF is ready to go out of the box. Whether you need Alpha EF to take the form of downward dog, locust, plank, or any other yoga position to attach to your component, it is at your behest. Then sit back and enjoy. Your satisfaction is 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

KPIP (Kinetic Phase Inversion Process)
Shunyata founder Caelin Gabriel developed KPIP after years of research into the underlying causes of various effects such as burn-in, wire directionality, and cryogentic treatment. He discovered an underlying core principle that burn-in and cryogenics only partially addressed. Once the governing principle was understood, it became possible to create a processing technique and machine that could virtually eliminate the need for burn-in and cryogenic treatment.

Second-Generation Zitron Technology: Lowers Distortion, Preserves Integrity
The internationally patented Zitron technology is the most compelling of Shunyata Research's technologies given its ability to measurably lower dielectric distortion and preserve the original signal's integrity. It requires a special type of conductor that has two signal paths and an electric field compensation circuit that creates a cancellation signal that prevents the insulation from developing a charge. Zitron cables have earned a legendary reputation among reviewers, customers, and sound professionals for their ability to eclipse the performance of even the most cost-prohibitive cables on the market. Caelin Gabriel's research has evolved to a second-generation Zitron technology that is making its debut in Alpha Series.

OFE 101 Copper for Unsurpassed Purity
OFE Alloy 101, or C10100, is the highest grade of copper, with a minimum 99.99% purity and a conductivity rating of 101% IACS. OFE stands for oxygen-free electrolytic and supersedes the term OFHC (oxygen-free high conductivity). C10100 is the only grade of copper that comes with a written certification of purity.

CopperCONN Connectors: Hear the Difference
Many audiophile-grade connectors are made from brass or bronze. While some may get a plating of silver, gold, or rhodium, the majority of the current is carried by the contact's base-metal. CopperCONN connectors are with pure copper contacts that have a much higher conductivity than brass. The difference in performance is clearly audible.

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